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About Us

Principal Mrs Amanda Fortescue

Mr Richard A Jacobs

Welcome to Budmouth College!

Here at Budmouth we strive to make every member of our community feel happy and successful, valued and respected. We want them to have the comfort we gain from being a valued member of a supportive community. We want them to be proud of what they and their community can do. We want them to have the comfort of knowing that their community is there to help them overcome any challenge and to celebrate every success, be that academic, sporting or creative.

We believe happiness comes from a confidence in self and in others. How confident we are is determined by our achievements and how much those achievements are recognised and valued by others. We therefore have high expectations of each other here at Budmouth. To feel a sense of achievement there must be an element of challenge. We constantly strive to provide appropriately challenging learning opportunities so that we can all progress beyond the potential we think we have.

We match high challenge with high levels of support. We seek to match the needs of everyone, regardless of their prior attainment or personal circumstances. We believe that we can achieve more together than we ever will alone and so a strong spirit of teamwork and collaboration permeates every aspect of College life, from the classroom to the sports field, from the orchestra to the dance troupe. We support a firmly held moral code based on personal responsibility, respect for others and the desire to serve the wider community.

Learning is at the core of everything we do at Budmouth. Through learning we find we can do more than we ever thought possible; through learning we discover the wonders of our world. Learning is not done to us. It is something that we engage in with others and every member of our community is expected and supported to take responsibility for their own learning pathways. Our lessons are exciting and inspiring because our students and teachers work closely together to make them so.

At Budmouth College we achieve together through learning. We warmly welcome anyone who wishes to join our supportive learning community.

"Budmouth College provides an outstanding education for its students, which reflects its values of high aspiration, total inclusion and success for all. Equal opportunity is promoted exceptionally well throughout and the College truly lives up to its motto of 'Working together, creating opportunities'. As a result, building and creating meaningful partnerships with parents and carers, local schools and employers and outside agencies is a key feature of the College's success. Thanks to the high-quality curriculum, care, advice and guidance that the College provides, the students are able to access a wide range of opportunities to enhance their learning and personal development." Ofsted


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