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Principal Mrs Amanda Fortescue

Acting Principal
Mrs Amanda Fortescue

Welcome to our website. I hope you will find everything you need to know about our College in the following pages. As parents we wish our children to grow up and live full lives as happy and successful people. At Budmouth we want nothing less. More than a place of learning but a way of living, Budmouth seeks to equip young people morally, physically and academically, to make their contribution to the wider world.

Officially listed as an 'Outstanding School' by Ofsted, Budmouth recognises that a good education is not just about examination results, but a thorough preparation for life; it is about developing character and confidence through outstanding teaching and abundant opportunities.

Based on academic rigour, excellent pastoral care and an enviable activity programme we insist on hard work, exemplary behaviour and courtesy, at all times. As a very successful College we have a proud record of commitment to the highest standards and put great store in the widest possible recognition and celebration of achievement to nurture individual talents..

However, the real measure of Budmouth is our students. All who visit are struck by the friendly, purposeful calm that pervades the College. This is no accident and is borne from self-disciplined, focused and appreciative young people. Young people who are ambitious to be the best they can be, able to think for themselves, with a firmly-held moral code based on personal responsibility, respect for others and the desire to serve the wider community.

I want Budmouth to become one of the most successful state schools in Britain, not just for academic achievement but for the young people we develop and the difference they make to the lives of others.

Choosing the school that best suits your child and which offers them the best opportunities for development and achievement is a vital decision and we believe that here, at Budmouth College, we offer those opportunities. We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you to the College so that you can see us in action and appreciate the difference a Budmouth education makes.

"Budmouth College provides an outstanding education for its students, which reflects its values of high aspiration, total inclusion and success for all. Equal opportunity is promoted exceptionally well throughout and the College truly lives up to its motto of 'Working together, creating opportunities'. As a result, building and creating meaningful partnerships with parents and carers, local schools and employers and outside agencies is a key feature of the College's success. Thanks to the high-quality curriculum, care, advice and guidance that the College provides, the students are able to access a wide range of opportunities to enhance their learning and personal development." Ofsted


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