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First Aid & Medical Room

Louise Gale, galel@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk is our First Aider at the College.

If a student becomes unwell or has an accident while at school I shall assess them and treat as appropriate. There may be times however when a student is too unwell to remain in College and I will telephone the nominated contacts to arrange for the student to go home. It is important that the College is informed of any changes to contact details to ensure this process works smoothly in the event of an emergency.

I am unable to give medication such as paracetamol on an 'as needed basis' and ask that any medication prescribed to be taken up to 3 times a day is given before College, after College and before bed. If medication does need to be given during College hours please contact me so we can make arrangements for this. It may be appropriate for some students to self-administer medication while for others it may be reassuring for me to administer it. To ensure that medication is safely stored and administered and to ensure the safety of all our students', forms must be completed by parents/carers for all medication bought into College, whether for self or College administration. These forms are available from the medical room or College website. No medication will be given to a student, or should be carried by a student without written authorisation from a parent/carer and First Aider or senior member of staff.

Further details of the Supporting Children with Medical Conditions and Managing Medicines policy and First Aid policy are available via the links below (Downloads) or from the College office.

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