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Mentoring Team

'A problem shared is a problem halved.'

The Peer Mentoring Team is a thriving band of keen, enthusiastic students who give up their spare time to take younger students from Years 7 to 9 under their wing.

Areas that they help with range from developing organisational skills to coping with friendship issues. They work with the students looking at how their week has gone until such time when their mentees feel more confident.

This work not only helps the mentees but brings benefits to the mentors too. Many have had experiences such as providing training for other schools and have developed skills as leaders which they would not have had otherwise.

They also report increased confidence and self-esteem in themselves and it looks impressive on their Personal Statements!

The Team really enjoys the yearly Presentation Evening when parents, staff and students celebrate the Team's success. We are just in the middle of our annual recruitment drive when we encourage, through presentations in assemblies, students from Years 8,9 and 10 to join us.

At the end of the summer term the Mentors trained new recruits to become members of the Mentor Team. Students had applied and been selected and spent 2 days of hard work in the luxurious surroundings of CEIL. They were trained by lead mentors Ryan and Elliot and learnt about questioning styles, listening skills and body language and participated in a range of team building exercises – including walking blind-fold through a mine-field!

Their hard work has paid off and students are now fully trained.

Mentors and mentees are now meeting regularly.

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