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Extremism and Radicalisation


...gives parents information to help them understand radicalisation and extremism and how to protect their children. Protecting them from these issues will also enable their young people to avoid the risks around drugs, gangs and sexual exploitation.

The website includes links to the NSPCC site which explains what they are doing to protect children from radicalisation and gives help and support to adults worried about radicalisation of their child. There is also a link to gov.uk explaining how to report online material promoting terrorism or extremism.

Topics covered on this website include:

How do people become radicalised?
Is my child vulnerable to radicalisation?
What are the warning signs?
What can I do to protect my child?
How do I talk to my child about extremism?
What should I know about online risks?
How can I keep my child safe from extremism online?
What should I do if I think my child has been exposed to extremism or radicalisation?

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