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Homework to encourage Own Learning

Each subject area will use a variety of homework tasks to encourage your child's independent learning skills at home.

Starting this year teachers will code homework tasks with either K or S so that students understand that the task focuses on developing their knowledge or skills.

Art & Design
Skill development, research, manipulate materilas, analyse ideas and methods.

Research, preparing presentations, making film clips, creating sound bites, investigative work, social networking, interviewing.
Design & Technology
Research, product analysis, target marketing, image board, branding, product invention, designer research, product from the past.
Research, reading, extended writing, writing in role, keeping a diary, group work.
Research, data collection, practical activities, presentations, debating.
Frog forums, presentations, written exercises, book reviews.
Frog forums, Frog based tasks, using mobile devices including smart phones.
Learning vocabulary, using language websites, peer teaching, research. preparing role-plays.
All tasks are found on Frog and offer a variety of support, core and extension tasks.
Performing Arts
Research, design work, rehearsals, presentations, writing critiques.
Ethics & Philosophy
Research, extended writing, writing in role, questionnaires, learning vocabulary, collages.
Some assessment tasks are completed at home, self-evaluation tasks, skills tasks like data processing.
Rewards system using self-reflection, gathering evidence of sports participation.


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