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Design & Technology- Key Stage 3

Every student during Year 7 and 8 will spend approximately one term experiencing the following design and Technology areas:

Students are introduced to each specialism through a small project. In each project students will experience a range of designing and making techniques, tools, materials and equipment. From these 'taster courses' students are offered an opportunity to continue to study one or more of the specialisms at a GCSE / Technical level.

Students are expected to bring their own ingredients for Food Technology. In all other areas of D&T students are encouraged to pay a nominal sum for their finished products.

All students take a base line assessment at the start of the Key stage 3. As students move through each unit, it will be assessed by their teacher using the key Stage Three D&T specification. At the end of year eight an end of key stage grade will be given to each pupil.

All students are offered the opportunity at the end of year 8 to take one or more GCSE/Technical level courses. These are three year courses, they start in year 9 and are completed by the end of year 11.

Subject Leader - Mr A Walker
Email: walkera@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

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