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Citizenship- Key Stage 3

Citizenship is about young people and their communities: Budmouth College, Weymouth & Portland (local), the UK (national) and the wider world (global). It's about understanding how to take action to make a positive impact in the community. Citizenship enables young people to develop the skills of researching, debating, considering others' opinions and standing up for issues and beliefs. Students will learn about topics such as how our parliament works, how to lobby our representatives, and understanding world issues.

PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) informs young people about different topics to allow them to make safe decisions for themselves. Topics covered include keeping safe online, sex and relationship education, drugs (including smoking and alcohol) and money issues. There is no formal assessment, but students are expected to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes towards the different topics.

At Key Stage 3, students have one lesson a week of either Citizenship/PSHEE.

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Youth Amplified Assessment is decided by teacher discretion according to the class and their ability.
Nov-Dec Healthy Lifestyles and Relationships
Jan-Feb Communities, Diversity and Identities
Mar-Apr Risk, Peer Pressure - Drug and Alcohol Education
Apr-May Being a Global Citizen
June-July Careers, Goal Setting, Financial Capability

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Rules and Fairness, Rights and Responsibilities, young people and the Law Assessment is decided by teacher discretion according to the class and their ability.
Nov-Dec Emotional Health and Wellbeing / Homophobic Bullying
Jan-Feb Local Communities and local Government
Mar-Apr Careers, Future Opportunities, Money and Budgets
Apr-May Human Rights in a global community
June-July Relationships, Family Delay training


Subject Leader: Kirsty White
Email: whitek@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

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