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Geography- Key Stage 3

The clothes you are wearing may be a perfect example of how global your identity is.They may be designed in Italy, the cloth sourced from Russia, the garment produced in Far East Asia and marketed by a sports celebrity from North America. Quite simply every aspect of our lives is linked to a worldwide community. The world is a breathtaking treasure, full of adventure and wonder. Through the study of Geography we strive to nurture students' fascination for the world they live in.

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Geographical Skills Designing Maps
Nov-Dec Our Physical World Written Test
Jan-Mar Weather & Climate Investigation
Apr-May Population, Distribution & Change Test
June-July An EU Country (Italy or France) Investigation

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Water Management Decision making exercise
Nov-Dec Population, Distribution & Change Test
Jan-Feb Ecosystems Group Presentation
Mar-Apr An LEDC Country (Kenya) Investigation
Apr-May Energy, Resources & Pollution Test
June-July Settlements Creative Exercise


Subject Leader - Martin Pick
Email: pickm@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

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