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Languages- Key Stage 3

Learning languages at Budmouth gives students the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity. Communication skills are developed, together with cultural understanding, which supports the development of literacy skills and opens the door to new and exciting possibilities.

All students study either French, German or Spanish in years 7 & 8 and are taught in the target language. In the early stages of language learning, students should hear and communicate in the foreign language in the course of every lesson. Activities in lessons are varied across all skill areas. As well as studying and improving language learning skills in a variety of topic areas, students are also exposed to authentic materials and are encouraged to engage with different cultures.

Students have the opportunity during the summer term to play Handball in German, Boules in French or Basketball in Spanish, as well as access the D&T cooking rooms to practise a typical dish such as 'tortilla de patatas'.

We have a successful German exchange and are launching new French and Spanish trips.

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Welcome, greetings and personal info Each unit is assessed by listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Nov-Dec Family and descriptions
Jan-Feb School and subjects
Mar-Apr Leisure, interests and sports
Apr-May Home life
June-July In and around town

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Media Each unit is assessed by listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Nov-Dec Fashion
Jan-Feb Food
Mar-Apr Health
Apr-May Holidays
June-July Travelling in and around a city


Subject Leader - Isobel Ross
Email: rossi@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

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