Performing Arts- Drama

At KS3 students are introduced to the three aspects of the drama curriculum and its assessment: the creation of drama, the performance and the evaluation.

In Year 7 students are encouraged to work in groups and interact with all members of the class. We work collaboratively on short scripts and also devise our own pieces. Devised work can be created around a range of stimuli: poetry, pictures, photographs, music etc and based on themes, issues and events from history.

In the past students have explored the spooky happenings at the end of a dilapidated pier, wandered through the Amazonian rain forest and boarded the Titanic, all in the confines of the drama studio!

We encourage creativity and cooperation with students being encouraged to celebrate their own work and the work of others through regular peer assessment and short performances.

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Explorers Drama is assessed visually either by live or recorded performances.
Nov-Dec Explorers
Jan-Feb Haunted House
Mar-Apr Haunted House
Apr-May Physical Theatre
June-July Physical Theatre

In Year 8 we develop the basic skills of drama further, moving into the start of scriptwriting and working with more challenging texts and ideas. We also start introducing the history and conventions of drama, using ideas from Greek and Elizabethan theatre and Commedia del'Arte.

Work in Year 8 develops ideas from scripts and the students start thinking more about characterisation and their own performance skills.

Team work and tolerance are embedded in the curriculum and this is apparent in the quality of the work produced and the exciting working environment the students create.

Half Term Content Assessment
Sept-Oct Buddy Drama is assessed visually either by live or recorded performances.
Nov-Dec Buddy
Jan-Feb Leaving Home
Mar-Apr Leaving Home
Apr-May Injustice
June-July Injustice

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