The course is separated into two components and you will experience classes focused on contemporary and street dance styles:
Component 1:
- set phrases through a solo performance, taught by the teacher and choreographed by AQA
- duo/trio performance based on a set work, and developing set phrases within the performance
- solo or group choreography relating to a chosen stimuli selected by AQA, sent in the Autumn Term of Year 11 such as a poem, picture or historical event
Component 2:
Dance Appreciation
- knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
- critical appreciation of own work, focusing on physical/technical/expressive skills
- critical appreciation of 6 professional dance works, comparing and contrasting different aspects

Qualification: GCSE
Awarding Body: AQA

Component 1:
Performance and Choreography 60%
Component 2:
Dance Appreciation (written exam) 40%

Mrs S Trott

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