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Design & Technology

This course offers an opportunity for you to specialise in one of the following areas:
Graphics; Mechatronics; Resistant Materials; Textiles.
The format of the course is the same for all four areas. You will:
- Investigate the work of past and present designers
- Investigate factors that influence the design and making processes
- Learn how to write a design brief and specification that considers human needs and interests
When Designing
- Explore and develop your ideas to test, critically analyse and evaluate your work in order to make decisions about it
When Making
- Select and work with appropriate materials to produce prototypes and products
- research client and user needs
- Fabricate, construct and assemble high quality prototypes and products
- Use specialist tools and equipment to create specific effects
- Respond to feedback about your prototypes and products.

Qualification: GCSE
Awarding Body: AQA

Examination (50%)
Students choosing any of the 4 courses will study "theory in design" for the end of course exam
Controlled Assessment (50%)

Mr A Walker
Email: walkera@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

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