You will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics, covering topics such as:

Biology – cells & control; genetics; natural selection; genetic modification; health & disease; the development of medicines; plant structures; animal coordination; control & homeostasis; ecosystems & material cycles.

Chemistry – states of matter; mixtures; chemical changes; extracting metals & equilibria; separating; period table groups; rates of reaction; energy changes; fuels & earth science.

Physics – motion & forces; conservation of energy; waves, light & the electromagnetic spectrum; radioactivity; astronomy; energy; forces & their effects; electricity & circuits; static electricity; magnetism; electromagnetic induction; particle model; forces & matter.

Qualification: GCSE’s in: Biology, Chemistry & Physics or Double Combined Science
Awarding Body: Edexcel

Examinations (100%)
Practical elements are required for 15% of the exam questions

Dr M Williamson

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