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Economics - A Level Edexcel Economics B Syllabus

Economics is about the world around us; it's current; it's always changing; it's always interesting. It's the subject that allows you to study Tesco's and ASDA's methods of competition one day, discuss the implications of the EU on another day, and learn about the environment and pollution permits the next. It's about the modern world; it's about how we behave, how businesses behave and how the government behaves.

Economics teaches how to make well-informed decisions. A large part of the subject is decision making: what should the government do to cut the budget deficit; what should a business do to raise profit margins. It teaches us how to go about making choices, which is vitally important in business.
So, if this interests you, and you want to know more, then Economics is the subject for you.

Theme 1 - Markets, Consumers and firms
This theme will introduce you to the economic problem, market failure and government intervention. Highlights include: consumer choices and enterprise in the economy, plus the role of banks in our economy.
Theme 2 - The Wider Economic Environment
Macroeconomic policy is introduced in this theme, and you will find out about the economic cycle and the global economy. Highlights include how consumers are influenced by and respond to changes in prices and incomes, and how small businesses survive in competitive markets.
Theme 3 - The Global Economy
Building on content from Theme 2, you will develop your understanding of the global context. Highlights include the impact of globalisation and expansion into new markets, global employment, and poverty and inequality.
Theme 4 - Making Markets Work
This theme has a greater focus on market failure and macroeconomic policies, building on knowledge and
understanding from Theme 1. Highlights include market power, market failure and macroeconomic policies, and
the global financial crisis.

Taught Through:
Discussion; visits; teacher-led and independent learning; visiting speakers; role-play; essay writing.

What could you be?
Economist; Chartered Accountant; Financial Risk Analyst; Investment Analyst; Management Consultant.
Where could you go?
University of Kent - Business and Economics; University of Reading - History and Economics; Newcastle University, University of Bath - Maths and Economics; University of the West of England - Economics - Economics and Business Management; Apprenticeships; the workplace.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 5 or above in both English and Maths GCSE.
A Level: Themes 1, 2, 3 and 4 assessed through 3 exams in the June of Year 13.

Annabelle Caldwell

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