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English Language - A Level AQA

This is a fascinating course that looks at how language works in different contexts, challenges stereotypes and explores the impact of new technologies on linguistic changes. The coursework element offers the opportunity to employ your creative skills.

Year 1
Text Variations and Representations: an introduction to the study of language, using a variety of texts to explore how texts are created and how meanings and representations are constructed.
Language Diversity: the study of a range of texts using different sociolects (to include social and occupational groups, ethnicity, class, age, gender, sexuality, disability) and dialects (to include national and regional varieties within the British Isles).
Writing Skills: creating discursive writing about language issues and writing in a variety of forms for a non-specialist audience.
Year 2
Children's Language Development
Language Discourses with Diversity and Change

Investigating Language: linguistic research project using skills acquired across A Level.

Taught Through:
Seminar; discussion; peer and self assessment; independent research; display work; student presentations.

What could you be?
Teacher; Journalist; Solicitor; Speech Therapist; Public Relations; Advertising.
Recent student destinations:
Manchester University - English language and German; Plymouth University - English Language and Linguistics; Brunel University - Journalism; Portsmouth University - English Language; Winchester - English, Cambridge, University - Linguistics.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 5 or above in English Language GCSE.
A Level:
- 80% Exams
- Paper 1 (2 hours 30 mins) 40 %
- Paper 2 (2 hours 30 mins) 40 %
- 20% Coursework
(Language in Action)

Andrea Miller
Sophie Ives
Lorraine Graves

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