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English Literature - A Level AQA

A two year programme of study that covers the themes of Love Through the Ages and Modern Times, Literature from 1945 to the present day.

Year 1:
The first Year of this 2 yearcourse introduces texts around the theme of "Love Through the Ages". We will study Othello, pre-1900 Poetry, Jane Eyre and The Rotters' Club. Time is spent developing reading skills and independent thinking about literature.
Year 2:
Texts studied in Year 2 will include The Handmaid's Tale, Feminine Gospels, A Streetcar Named Desire, Othello, pre-1900 Poetry, Jane Eyre and The Rotters' Club. The examination will include unseen texts. The themes studied will be Modern Times: Literature from 1945 to the Present Day and Love Through the Ages. You also will study texts independently.

Taught Through:
Seminar; discussion; peer and self assessment; independent research; display work; student presentations.

What could you be?
Teacher; Public Relations Officer; Journalist; Media Producer; Advertising Copywriter and a variety of careers.
Where could you go?
Oxford University - English Language and Literature; Durham University - English; University of Bristol - English.
Recent student destinations:
Exeter University - English Literature; Warwick University - Creative Writing; Goldsmiths, University of London - English Literature; University of Liverpool - English Literature and History; University College, London - English Literature.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 5 or above in English Literature GCSE.
A Level:
Two exams (40% per paper) and a 2500 word
Critical Study of two texts (20 %)

Jan Raymont

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