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Extended Project Qualification - Level 3 AQA

The EPQ is a one year AS Level qualification.
The extended project qualification (EPQ) is for students who embrace challenges, independent learning and who want to go on to study at university

The EPQ comprises a single piece of work, of the student's choosing, that shows evidence of planning, preparation, research. Your coursework will include either workings of 2000 words and a project, or 5000 words.
The learner will:
- Identify, design, plan and complete a project applying skills
- Obtain, select, analyse and apply information from a range of sources
- Evaluate and present outcomes
Taught Through:
- Independent learning, research and action
- Visits, community placements, international outreach
- Teacher-led core skills seminars
- Guided learning support sessions
- Interaction with people other than teachers
- Group work, discussions, and presentations

What could you be?
A successful, organised student who will have the 'edge' in the university interview process and at university itself.
Where could you go?
The importance of this course is advocated by most universities. Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Southampton encourage it strongly.
Recent student destinations:
The majority of EPQ students attend university with this qualification. For example some of our students have gone on to study English, Psychology, Maths, and Geography; another joined The Royal Air Force.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 5 or above in English GCSE.
- 100% Coursework
- Production Log
- Written Report
- Presentation

Sinead Gallagher

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