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Languages - Spanish - A Level AQA

Develop your linguistic competence and knowledge of contemporary Spanish culture and society through stimulating topics of genuine relevance to young adults, in a course that is highly valued by businesses and H.E. institutions. The individual research project for the speaking exam at A Level will allow you to explore a subject of particular personal interest relating to Spain or the Spanish-speaking world.

Year 1
Unit 3.1.1 – Aspects of Hispanic society
Modern and traditional values; cyberspace; equal rights
Unit 3.2.1 – Artistic culture in the Hispanic world
Modern day idols; Spanish regional identity; cultural heritage or cultural landscape
Unit 3.3 – Grammar
Unit 3.4.1/2 - Literary text or film

Year 2
Unit 3.1.2 – Multiculturalism in Hispanic society;
immigration; racism; integration
Unit 3.2.2 – Aspects of political life in the Hispanic –speaking world
Today's youth, tomorrow's citizens; monarchies, republics and dictatorships; popular movements
Unit 3.3 - Grammar
Unit 3.4.1/2 - Literary text of film
Unit 3.5 – Independent research project

Taught Through:
Discussions; Self/Peer Assessment; Presentations; Documentaries

What could you be?
Business Executive; International Lawyer; Banking and Finance; Translator; Journalist; Teacher; Government Services; Engineering; Travel Services.
Where could you go?
Most universities offer a variety of languages/degree courses. As an EU citizen, you also have the right to study anywhere within Europe.
Recent student destinations: Herriot-Watt - German/French Translation; University of York - German/English, German/Maths; University of Bath - Languages & European Studies; University of Leeds - Linguistics & French.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 6 or above in Spanish GCSE.
A Level: 100% exams

Laura Castilla

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