Law - A Level AQA

A rewarding mix of theory and real life, the study of Law throws light on the public worlds of news, politics and crime.

The three papers cover a broad range of topics including:
Law making by parliament
Judicial Precedent Interpretation.
Law people: juries and magistrates.
Crime: homicides; offences against the person; property offences and defences.
Tort: negligence, nuisance and occupier's liability.
Contract law
Concepts: law and morals; balancing conflicting interests; law and justice; fault.

Taught Through:
Seminars; discussion; independent research; quizzes and games; self and peer assessment; visits; case studies.

What could you be?
Solicitor; Barrister; Legal Executive; Police Officer; Human Resources Manager.
Where could you go?
University of Exeter - Law; University of Leicester - Law; Buckinghamshire University - Police Studies; University of West of England - Law; Local Law Firm - Legal Apprenticeship.
Recent student destinations:
University of Leicester - Law; University of Cardiff - Law; University of the West of England - Law; University of Exeter - Law; University of Portsmouth - Human Resource Management; University of Bristol - Law; King's College London - Law.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 5 or above in English GCSE.
A Level:
- 3 Written Exams

Jane Golby

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