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Mathematics - A Level Edexcel

"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple." S. Gudder

The A-level Mathematics course is split into two elements, pure Mathematics and applied Mathematics in the ratio 2:1.
Pure Mathematics involves extending student knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and graph work. It also introduces students to lots of new areas of study, for example calculus, where techniques of integration and differentiation are used extensively in science and technology.
Applied Mathematics uses understanding of Pure Mathematics to solve problems in mechanics and statistics.

Taught Through:
Whole class discussion; independent learning; peer assessment; one-to-one tutorials; on-line learning; ICT based learning activities.

What could you be?
Teacher; Aeronautical Engineer; Accountant; Architect; Computer Progammer; Computer Games Designer; Doctor.
Where could you go?
Oxbridge; Warwick University; Durham University; Bath University; Exeter University; Southampton Univeristy; Officer in the Armed Forces.
Recent student destinations:
Bath; Exeter; Southampton; Warwick; Birmingham; Oxford; Cambridge.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 6 or above in Maths GCSE.
Three written exams
Paper 1: Pure Mathematics (2 hours)
Paper 2: Pure Mathematics (2 hours)
Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (2 hours)
All exams allow the use of a calculator.

Mark Wood

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