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Music Technology - A Level Edexcel

The aims of this qualification are to enable students to understand the principles of sound and audio technology and how they are used in creative and professional practice. You will understand a wide range of recording and production techniques and how they are used in practice for both corrective and creative purposes.

Unit 1: Recording – Multi-track recording of a song from a given list and completion of a log book showing progress undertaken.
Unit 2: Technology based Composition – Chose from a choice of brief's set by the exam board and use samples, sequences and audio manipulation to create a composition.
Unit 3: Listening and Analysing – Based on recording and production techniques of the different eras and genres of music.
Unit 4: Producing and Analysing – A practical exam where you will work with given midi and audio tracks to create a mix for the final task.

What could you be?
Sound Engineer; Audio Technician; Performer; Teacher; Composer; Arranger; Researcher; Administrator; Education; Music Editor; Media.
Where could you go?
BIMM; Southampton; Performance Conservatoires: Royal School of Music; Cardiff; BBC and Sky Arts Team.
Recent student destinations:
BIMM; Falmouth; Plymouth; Bournemouth.

Entry Recommendations:
A proven musical knowledge; preferred grade 4 in Music GCSE.
Component 1: Recording Non-examined assessment 20%
Component 2: Technologybased composition Nonexamined assessment 20%
Component 3: Listening and analysing: Written examination 25%
Component 4: Producing and analysing: Written and practical examination 35%

Sarah Shuttleworth

Jon Wilkinson

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