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Physical Education - A Level OCR

This course allows students to develop an understanding and appreciation of Physical Education including physiological, biomechanical, psychological, technological and socio-cultural elements that enable both them and others to be physically active as part of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle.

Component 1: Physiological factors affecting performance. Key systems of the human body and how movement occurs.
Component 2: Psychological factors affecting performance. The models and theories affecting performance in activities.
Component 3: Socio-Cultural and contemporary issues. Sport in society, how it emerged and evolving technology.
Component 4: Performance within Physical Education.
Part One - Performance/Coaching in one activity.
Part Two - Evaluation and appreciation of sports performance.

Taught Through:

Seminars; discussion; independent research; observation and analysis of practical skills.

There will be opportunities to experience hands on learning through practical sessions. Examples include experiencing ergogenic aids in use (ice plunge) and the understanding of learning theories in activities. There are also enhanced enrichment opportunities and the chance to attend an exceptional revision course led by OCR experts.

What could you be?
Sports Coach; PE Teacher; Physiotherapist; Medical Disciplines; Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach; Sports Science Research and Development; Sports Journalist; Armed Forces; Leisure/Fitness Industry; Sports Photographer or Event Management.

Entry Recommendations:
Minimum Grade 6 in GCSE PE or MERIT in the BTEC Level 2.
Minimum Grade 6 in GCSE Science & 5 in English.
70% Theory, 30% Practical
A Level:
• 3 Written Exams
• 1 Piece of Coursework
• Practical assessment

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