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Politics - A Level Edexcel

Politics exists because people disagree about things and there are no simple "right" or "wrong" answers.
This course is for students who:
- have an interest in how society works and whether it could work better
- enjoy debate and discussion
- like to think for themselves rather than simply accept the views of others
You don't need to have any strong party political opinions, but an interest in current affairs would be useful. Politics is a particularly good choice to go alongside subjects like Law, History, Sociology or Business but you could do it simply because it's interesting!

Year 1
Democracy; elections and electoral systems; political parties; pressure groups; voting behaviour and the Media; the role of Parliament; Prime Ministerial power; civil liberties and the judiciary.

Year 2
Core political beliefs (liberal converstion and socialism); plus one other from anarchism, feminism, nationalism, ecologism or multiculturalism; either politics in the USA or global politics.

What could you be?
Lawyer; Journalist; Economist; Public Administrator; Political Researcher; Lobbyist for pressure group or charity or maybe even a Politician!
Where could you go?
LSE; Kings College London; Durham University; Brunel University; Bristol University.
Recent student destinations:
Aberdeen University - MA in International Relations; Aberystwyth - International Politics and the Third World; Plymouth - History with Politics; Durham - Politics; Brunel - Politics.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 5 or above in English GCSE.
A Level:
- 3 Written Exams

Andy Blackwood

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