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Psychology - A Level AQA

"Studying psychology is fun because you're always looking for the same things I think a writer should look for, which is the story behind the story." Cleave

Year 1
Paper 1: Introduction to Psychology -what is memory and how does it work? Attachment –why is it needed. How do we form bonds with our family/friends, and does it matter if it goes wrong?
Paper 2: Psychology in context- examining the origins of psychology and the different approaches psychologists use. Psychopathology – investigating the theories of abnormality, depression, OCD and phobias and research methods - How to do psychological reasearch.
Year 2
Paper 3: Issues and options in psychology. A range of different topics covered in depth: gender, schizophrenia,
and forensics.

Taught Through:
Discussion, notes and presentations in lessons
Independent work - a vital skill!
Resources on FROG/Website
Videos/ Podcasts
Skills of analysis and evaluation
Revision skills & exam technique
Progress tests to track performance

What could you be?
Psychology is a massive area. You could work in education, the legal system, counselling, or in hospitals.
Where could you go?
Bath; Bournemouth; Bristol; Gloucestershire; Exeter; Plymouth.
Recent student destinations:
University of Bournemouth; Exeter; Plymouth; Solent; Southampton

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 6 or above in the Sciences and Grade 5 or above in Maths and English.
Three 2 hour exams

Sinead Gallagher

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