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Science - Biology - A Level OCR

'Biology' is the Greek for 'study of life'. It is a vast science ranging from molecular structures and metabolic processes in cells, to the classification, behaviour and interactions of different species. Be prepared to learn the diverse language of biology, whilst studying biochemical and physical aspects of
the structure and function of different organisms.

Year 1
Biochemistry, exchange surfaces, transport in animals, transport in plants, communicable disease, disease prevention and the immune system, biodiversity, classification and evolution.

Year 2
Communication and homeostasis; excretion as an example of homeostatic control; neuronal and hormonal communication; plant and animal responses; photosynthesis; respiration; cellular control, patterns of inheritance; manipulating genomes; cloning and biotechnology; ecosystems; populations and sustainability. There is also an assessed practical skills component where students complete a minimum of 12 practical activities to gain experience of experimental biology; completing these will gain the Practical Skills Endorsement, and elements of these will be assessed via all of the examinations.

Taught Through:
Small group and class discussion; individual and group practical activities; peer and self-assessment tasks;independent research; student presentations; exam technique and study skill activities.

What could you be?
Pharmacist; Doctor; Dentist; Veterinary Doctor; Physiotherapist; Environmental Scientist; Geneticist; Speech Therapist; Nurse; Midwife.
Where could you go?
University of Birmingham; University of Bristol; University of Cambridge; Cardiff University; University of Edinburgh; University of Exeter; Imperial College London; University of Leeds; University of Liverpool; University of Manchester; University of Nottingham; University of Oxford; University of Sheffield; University of Southampton.
Recent student destinations:
Nottingham - Medicine; Birmingham - Medicine; Bristol - Environmental Geoscience; Plymouth - Biological Sciences; Southampton - Zoology; Aberystwyth - Zoology; Bournemouth - Forensic Scence; Bath - Pharmacy; Bangor - Marine Biology; Bristol - Biomedical Science.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 6 or above in GCSE Biology, or Grade 6, 6 in combined science. Grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths.
A Level:
3 Written Exams:
Plus a practical skills endorsement.

Daniel Light

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