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Science - Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Science

This is a two year course and is equivalent to one A Level.
This course is a fantastic alternative for those who excel at coursework and either enjoy Science or need a science qualification for their future plans. This qualification imparts fundamental experimental techniques and allows students to explore and critically evaluate the context of science in the modern world.

Key concepts in science - You will develop an understanding of key concepts relating to biology, chemistry and physics. We will use practical work to reinforce knowledge and develop your practical skills. Written examination 33% (16.6% of EC)
Applied experimental techniques - You are introduced to new experimental techniques, reinforcing methods met previously and developing practical skills including accuracy and precision. You will research the background to a number of analytical and experimental techniques in an applied or vocational context. Internally assessed 33% (16.6% of EC)
Science in the modern world - You will analyse and evaluate scientific information to develop critical thinking skills and understand the use of the media to communicate scientific ideas and theories. You will also find out about scientific careers through the different roles scientists undertake in scientific organisations. Written examination (pre-release sources) 33% (16.6% of EC)
The human body - You will develop knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the digestive system, the components of a balanced and imbalanced diet and the effects on health. The assessment focuses on occupations that require knowledge of the human body, such as sports scientists and dieticians. Written examination 16.6%
Investigating science - You gain the opportunity to undertake the role of a research scientist, following standard procedures to complete a scientific investigation. The unit enables you to demonstrate and extend your scientific knowledge and skills. You may choose one investigation from a list of titles.
Internally assessed 16.6%.

Taught Through:
Investigations; independent study; discussion; talks; tutorials; practical sessions; seminars; visits to industry.

The GCE Applied Science will prepare you for a career in the science industry or industries that use scientific knowledge and skills. It will also prepare you to take on learning and training in further and higher education.
What could you be?
Nursing; Microbiologist; Laboratory Technician; Nursery Nurse; Textiles; Forensics; Radiology; Midwifery.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 6 or above in any Science GCSE.
See exam information under the components headings.

Stephen Wibley

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