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'Physics', from the Greek word for nature, looks at matter and energy and how they interact. Physics seeks to answer the big questions in science ranging from sub-atomic particles to the entire universe.

The course comprises three teaching components:
Component 1: Newtonian physics Component 2: Electricity and the universe Component 3: Light, nuclei and options
Year 1 content:
From component 1: Basic Physics, Kinematics, Dynamics and Energy Concepts.
From component 2: Conduction of Electricity, Resistance, D.C. Circuits, Solids under Stress and Using Radiation to Investigate Stars.
From component 3: The Nature of Waves, Wave Properties, Refraction of Light, Photons, Lasers and Particles and Nuclear Structure.
Year 2 content:
From component 1: Circular Motion, Vibrations, Kinetic Theory and Thermal Physics.
From component 2: Capacitance, Electrostatic and gravitational fields or force and orbits and the wider universe.
From component 3: Nuclear decay, Nuclear energy, Magnetic fields, Electromagnetic induction and one of four options (Alternating currents: Medical physics; The physics of sport or Energy and the environment).

Taught Through:
Individual and group practicals; peer and self-assessment; exam technique seminars and class activities; presentations; visits to universities and an optional trip to France, Switzerland and the CERN Laboratory.

What could you be?
Scientific Researcher; Engineer (Aerospace, Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Marine, Electrical/Electronic); Computer Scientist; Doctor; Veterinarian; Lawyer; Financier; Accountant.
Where could you go?
University of Birmingham; University of Bristol; University of Cambridge; Cardiff University; University of Edinburgh; University of Exeter; Imperial College London; University of Leeds; University of Liverpool; University of Manchester; University of Nottingham; University of Oxford; University of Sheffield; University of Southampton.
Recent student destinations:
Cambridge - Computer Science; Oxford - Chemistry; Leicester - Mechanical Engineering; Nottingham - Chemistry and Molecular Physics; Nottingham - Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics; Durham - Natural Sciences; Cambridge - Natural Sciences.

Entry Recommendations:
Grade 6 or above in GCSE Physics, or Grade 6, 6 in combined science. Grade 6 or above in GCSE Maths.
A Level: 3 Written Exams: Plus a practical skills endorsement.

Amanda Williamson

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