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Business - A Level Edexcel

- Should Marks and Spencers move all of its operations online?
- Is it better to pay high dividends to shareholders or invest profits back into the business?
- What should Tesco's do to reposition itself in the market?

These are the types of issues you might consider when studying Business at A Level. You will look at a number of different organisations facing different problems. Business is about debating and decision-making in a business context and it helps you to develop invaluable skills whatever you want to do next. You need to learn and understand the theory but then apply it to a context. The "right" answer will depend on the problem in front of you and you need to be able to think issues through logically, put together well reasoned arguments and make recommendations.

Theme 1-Marketing and People.
Here you will learn about how businesses meet customers' needs, marketing mix and strategy, managing people, and about entrepreneurial and leadership characteristics.
Theme 2-Managing Business Activities
In this theme you will find out about how businesses plan their finances and raise finance, how they manage their resources, and about the external influences that impact on businesses.
Theme 3-Business Decisions and Strategy
Building on content from Theme 2, you will develop an understanding of business objectives and strategy, decision making techniques, assessing competitiveness, as well as how businesses can manage change.
Theme 4-Global Business
This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 1. You will learn about globalisation, global markets and business expansion, global marketing, and the impact of multinational corporations.
Seminars; discussion; independent research; self/peer assessment; presentations; blogging; Twitter; documentaries.

What could you be?
Human resources officer, marketing executive, management consultant, retail manager, corporate investment banker.
Recent student destinations:
University of Bristol – Maths and Economics; University of Essex – Business Management; University of Nottingham – Business Management and Economics; University of Bournemouth – Business Studies; University of West of England – Accounting and Finance; University of Hertfordshire – Economics and Sports Studies; Apprenticeships at Dorset County Council and other local businesses.

Entry Recommendations:
Minimum Grade 5 in English and Maths GCSE.
All units assessed through exams:
A Level: Themes 1, 2, 3 and 4 assessed through 3 exams in the June of Year 13.

Annabelle Caldwell

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