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The clothes you are wearing are a perfect example of how global your identity is, designed in Italy, the cloth sourced from cotton in the Russian steppes, constructed in the most competitive labour markets of Far East Asia and marketed to us by a sports celebrity from North America or Europe.

Quite simply every aspect of our lives is linked to a worldwide community from the clothes we are proud of to the food we enjoy, the music that entertains us and the causes that we support. The world is a breathtaking treasure full of adventure and wonder and through the study of Geography at Budmouth we strive to nourish the fascination of our students in the unique world in which they inhabit.

Key Stage 3
Our Key Stage 3 syllabus aims to give an overview of the physical world and humanity's interactions within it. Students will study key skills of analysis and presentation and investigate topics ranging from extreme weather to the urban challenges of the world's fastest growing cities.

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Key Stage 4
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Subject Leader - Martin Pick
Email: pickm@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

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