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8th December 2017

Dear all,

I am absolutely delighted to inform you that after a rigorous, transparent and diligent three day interview process that the Governing Body of the College has endorsed the decision of the recruitment panel to appoint Mr. Richard Jacobs as the next Principal of the College from September 2018.

Mr. Jacobs brings a wealth of experience with him as a Principal and he is committed to maintaining the ethos and values of the college. We are confident that he will provide the strong, fresh leadership that the college requires which will enable us to best face the challenges and pressures of the current educational landscape.

The interview panel are fully aware of the previous publicity surrounding Mr. Jacobs and his reasons for leaving his last role. We wish to make it absolutely clear that this has been explored, investigated and scrutinisedto the extent that the Governing Body now recommend Mr. Jacobs to you all unequivocally. We would urge extreme caution when reading media and social media posts and ask that you reassure yourselves that as Governors, we would categorically NOT recommend a candidate for appointment if we were not 100% confident in the integrity and ability of that candidate. Mr. Jacobs has clear, demonstrable experience of improving schools across every Ofsted measure and we are sure you will read the 2016 Ofsted report from his previous school, The Chase, with interest, as we did.

The Governors have been supported by officers from Dorset County Council's School's Advisory Team throughout the process. Two officers were present throughout the whole of interview days two and three to monitor the process and ensure the interviews were fair and impartial. As with any robust interview process, an objective marking scheme to rate and score each of the candidate's responses against each task or interview that they performed, linked to the person specification, was used.

Mr. Jacobs is thrilled to have been offered the role of Principal and is very much looking forward to getting to know you all and the College better. We are confident that you will offer Mr. Jacobs a warm welcome and your full support, as we Governors will do.

Yours sincerely

Sue Prescott

Acting Chair of Governors, The Governing Body


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