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Pupil Premium

At Budmouth College we strive to ensure that our students are happy and successful, today and tomorrow. We have high expectations of all our students in terms of academic progress, attendance and behaviour. However, we recognise that some students from disadvantaged backgrounds may have substantially greater challenges to overcome to meet our expectations and therefore need a greater level of support than other students.



Progress 8 Score

Attainment 8 Average Grade

Attainment 8 Maths Average Grade

Attainment 8 EBACC Average Grade

Attainment 8 Open Average Grade

Grade 4+ English

Grade 4+ Maths










Pupil Premium









Non Pupil Premium










GCSE outcomes overall improved upon last year. Progress 8 for all students has risen from -0.9 to -0.4; Progress 8 for disadvantaged students rose from -1.06 to -1.02. This suggests that although outcomes have improved overall (an increase of 0.5 Progress 8), they have not improved as much for disadvantaged students (an increase of 0.04 Progress 8). The internal disadvantaged gap has widened from 0.16 to 0.62 Progress 8.

The main barriers to learning for disadvantaged students at Budmouth College are:

The Pupil Premium is additional funding for schools which is given to help raise the attainment of disadvantaged students and close the gap between them and their peers. 
Pupil Premium income for academic year 2018/19 – £320,000
Our Pupil Premium student profile:








Number of PP students







% of cohort








Quality of Teaching and Literacy

At Budmouth College we believe that we can best support our disadvantaged students to make better academic progress by moving the emphasis of our support from primarily pastoral assumptions to academic data evidenced interventions. We will therefore focus our strategy for the academic year on improving the quality of teaching across the curriculum and improving our student progress tracking systems to ensure more effective targeted interventions.

We intend to improve the quality of teaching across the curriculum through a Masterclass cpd programme. This programme will instruct teachers and teaching assistants on those teaching and learning strategies that have been proven to have the most effect o student academic progress. We will draw heavily upon the research of John Hattie (‘Visible Learning’) and Dylan William (‘Formed Assessment’).

We will target our support for disadvantaged students in Year 7 (83) and Year 11 (49).

The estimated cost of this programme is:


Estimated cost

Expected impact

Collaborative learning

£20 per pupil (training)
X337 = £6740

Collaborative learning involves pupils working together in a structured way which promote focused talk and interaction between learner to make accelerated progress.

Effective feedback

£80 per pupil
X337 = £26960

Feedback redirects and refocuses student’s learning to meet specific success criteria or achieve a goal. Effective feedback has very high effects on learning.

Metacognition strategies

£80 per pupil

X337 = £26960

Metacognition approaches aim to help pupils think about their own learning more explicitly, often by teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning. As a result pupils will make more progress.

Mastery learning

£80 per pupil

X337 = £26960

Mastery learning breaks learning into clearly specified objectives and success criteria which are pursued until they are achieved. Students who do not demonstrate high levels of success are provided by further support before progressing to new content.


To ensure that we can better monitor the effects of this programme Budmouth College needs to improve its student progress tracking systems. We believe this will enable us to better target intervention in English in particular. The estimated cost is:

Data tracking

Purchase of 4 Matrix
£950 p.a.

Effectively monitor the progress of PP students to ensure that intervention can be swift and appropriately targeted.

To ensure that our disadvantaged students best use the improved learning opportunities created by the Masterclass programme we intend to provide those disadvantaged students who are not yet making suitable academic progress with an Assertive Academic Mentor. Mentors will concentrate primarily on progress in English. The estimated cost is:

Assertive mentoring

£700 per pupil (15 per year group)
X9 = £6,300

Increased progress of targeted students through 1-1 mentoring for pp students who are not making expected progress. Mentoring will build resilience and focus on academic skills required for progress.


Our disadvantaged students will only benefit from an improved quality of teaching if their attendance improves. To that end, the secondary focus for the support we will give our disadvantaged students will be on raising attendance. The estimated cost for this focus is:


Estimated cost

Expected impact

Restructured Pastoral leadership team-
Clearly defined roles for Heads and Deputy Heads of Year


Clear overview and timely intervention of student progress and pastoral issues will improve coordination of support for PP students within college, with parents and with outside agencies.

Attendance officer


Students who attend regularly make improved progress as a result. An attendance officer will support students that have issues with attendance, working with parents, outside agencies and staff with College to ensure that

Student Support Centre


The Student Support Centre will work with students with behaviour and attendance issues working closely with school staff and home to achieve a joined up approach to achieve improved progress.

Designated Safeguarding Officer


Safeguarding co-ordination and support of vulnerable students will ensure staff are able to make timely interventions to help student progress.

Social and emotional learning (ELSA)

£80 per pupil

X337 = £26960

ELSA interventions seek to target pupils’ interaction with others and self-management of emotion rather than focusing directly on academic learning. However, improved emotion regulation can improve progress, attendance and meta-cognition.

Counselling Service


Support for vulnerable students to help build resilience and strategies to cope with challenging situations will improve attendance and progress. Package will be limited in duration (6 sessions) for each referral.

Total estimated cost                           £283,270

The Service Pupil Premium is provided in recognition of the specific challenges children from service families face. It is intended that this funding is used for pastoral support during challenging times and to help mitigate the negative impact on service children of family mobility or parental deployment. Where our students from service families have parents who are on deployment, or who have recently been rebased, we will offer bespoke pastoral support following consultation with parents.

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