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To download our Uniform Policy please click here (Adobe pdf format)

Official black College Blazer with College Logo Badge
This is to be worn at all times in the proper manner with sleeves rolled down, unless a member of staff gives specific permission to remove it.

College Tie
Years 7 – 10 will be expected to wear the blue clip-on tie. Year 11 students will wear the black clip on tie.

White shirts (Not sports shirt)
The top button of the shirt must be done up at all times, and the shirt must always be tucked in.

Plain v-necked black pullover (optional – may be worn under blazer).
No other sweatshirts/hoodies/jumpers/cardigans are acceptable.

White/black ankle socks or knee length white/black socks or black tights.

Black shoes

Shoes must be completely black. Shoes must finish beneath the ankle bone. They must be plain with no decoration e.g. branding or studs. Sensible style, not fashion shoes. Not sandals, open toes, sling backs, platforms, trainers, mules, boots or heels higher than 2 inches.

Black trousers or black skirts
All trousers and skirts must be plain black. They must be made of polyester/viscose in the majority. Jersey/knitted cotton/lycra or denim materials are not allowed. Trousers must be straight legged and reach the shoe. Leggings/jeggings/treggings/jeans or chinos are not allowed. Trousers must not have studs on them that make them look like jeans. For the purpose of safety trousers must not cover the shoe and must not have excessive flares.

Skirts may be worn if they are appropriate material as stated above. Skirts must be worn from the waist, be knee-length and be straight in shape.

If a student wishes to wear a Hijab for cultural reasons, it must be black in colour to fit in with the rest of the College uniform.

Bras must be plain and either white or flesh coloured.

Indoor and Summer Kit
Budmouth polo shirt or plain white T-shirt, navy blue shorts, track pants or sports leggings and trainers.

Outdoor and Winter Kit
Budmouth polo shirt or plain white T-shirt, plain navy blue jumper or hoodie (girls), College rugby shirt (boys), navy blue shorts/track pants/sports leggings, plain navy blue football socks. (Boots and personal protective wear is advisable)

Students are advised to bring a plastic bag and towel for cross country and winter sports.

If the weather determines that a coat has to be worn over the blazer, then the outdoor garment must not be a hoodie and must not be worn inside the College. A coat should not be worn instead of a blazer.

No additions to the above are to be worn, e.g. badges (except those approved by the College).

No jewellery may be worn except one plain ring on the finger of one hand only, and one pair of plain, matching earrings small studs or sleepers if wished. Any other piercings are not allowed. Ear stretchers may not be worn. Students are allowed one badge on their blazer to support a nationally recognised charity/good cause approved by the College. Students are allowed to wear two charity bands.

Moderate hair styles and natural looking colour only are allowed. Hair must not be cut shorter than a Grade 2 and no tramlines are allowed.

Students may wear lightly applied black or brown mascara, subtle eyeliner and lightly applied naturally coloured foundation. Eye-shadow and blusher may not be worn.

Nails must be natural with no nail varnish or any other covering.

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