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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

As of September 2017:

Our Literacy Coordinator has been employed to support disadvantaged students in developing their Literacy Skills across the Curriculum. She and the Literacy team deliver:

The Upgrade Programme: Upgrade is a literacy enhancement programme aimed at mainstream year 7 students of average or above average abilities and works to improve students' reading skills, reading comprehension and metacognition. We deliver this intensive small group tuition to identified students using a combination of CATs, SATS and reading age data.

The LIFT Programme: The LIFT Programme aims to provide individual, personalised tuition to improve the reading ages and phonic awareness of Year 7 students identified as having reading ages below the National Average at the end of KS2. Using a combination of CATs, SATS and Year 7 reading age data to identify these students, we aim to ensure that all LIFT students make at least 12 months progress with their reading ages.

Step Up: This new initiative aims to develop positive reading skills in identified students. It helps to support students who struggle to gain full meaning and enjoyment from text and has been shown to offer significant gains in reading comprehension.

Library Reading Programme – Frog Blog: A guided reading scheme available to year 7 students, which enables them to progress and achieve success and encourages a positive attitude to reading.

Overview of Literacy across the Curriculum at Budmouth:

The Literacy Policy continues to be addressed through our College Improvement Plan.

The Whole College Twilight Literacy INSET continues to engage all teaching staff in integrating Literacy Across the Curriculum.

The Literacy Development Group oversees the development of Literacy across the College.

Our Literacy Coordinator works closely with Subject Leaders on how to integrate Literacy consistently and implicitly in every Subject Area at every Key Stage.

Literacy Coordinators in every Subject Area disseminate and coordinate Literacy initiatives.

All Tutor Groups in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 read during Tutor Time every week, both in the Library and the classroom. Literacy is at the 'Centre' of the College with the Library now established in the Hub Avenue.

We hold an annual Year 7 Literacy Development Day with all Year 7s involved in Literacy based workshops.

Literacy strands run throughout the College AFL policy, supporting students in the development of their Literacy skills.

All teachers assess students' work using Literacy targets and Provision Maps.

Parents' Evenings and Open Evenings support parents in developing Literacy at home.

Reading Clubs and Sixth Form Paired Reading opportunities develop students' reading skills.

The Tutor Curriculum incorporates Literacy and Independent Learning Skills in Years 7,8 and 9.


Our annual Literacy Quality Assurance Week encourages Subject Areas to identify Literacy targets for development and share their best Literacy practice.

Lesson Observations and Learning Walks continue to ensure integration of Literacy across the Curriculum.


To view our College Literacy Policy please click here

Contact Mrs C Collister for more information.
Email: collisterc@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

We continue to identify Year 7 students who are not achieving the expected standard in Maths and provide them with specific interventions

The Year 7 Team and the College's Maths KS3 coordinator have identified these students' key areas for development through regular Raising Attainment meetings and an analysis of the College's system of Tracking of Progress Data.

Staffing and resources provide these students with interventions and individual support programmes to improve their progress in Maths. Interventions include Academic Tutoring to improve student motivation and a six week intervention course for identified groups of students to encourage their engagement with Maths lessons and their knowledge of Numeracy.

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