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Homework Year 7-11

We believe that homework is set to develop independence, consolidate what has been learned in the lesson and to deepen subject knowledge. Learners are required to record homework tasks and due dates in their planners (and may need teacher support). All homework is to be on FROG.

Homework will be set weekly in English, Maths, MFL, History, Geography and Science. Homework will be set at appropriate intervals in all other subject areas.

As a guideline, in Key Stage 3 approximately thirty minutes per week should be spent on each subject; in Key Stage 4 this will increase as appropriate, up to approximately two hours per week.

Teachers will endeavour to set suitable deadlines (usually no less than 72 hours) so as to not cause stress but managing time and deadlines is accepted as a key skill. Progress Leaders will monitor any congestion and alleviate it.

All forms of own study will be embraced:

Subject Leaders will monitor the setting and marking of regular, quality homework. Teachers will ensure that the level of work set is accessible for the learners. If a homework task is proving difficult, learners are encouraged to seek support promptly from their teacher.

Rewards: Good learning through homework will be rewarded with a 9 for progress or other reward system.

Sanctions: Non-completion of homework will be registered as a 4 on SIMS. Progress Leaders will monitor the accumulation of 4s. Additionally, teachers will monitor completion and may use detentions as appropriate.

We welcome any support that parents/carers can provide because we know that through working together we will create more effective and successful learners. In Years 7 & 8, should you assist with homework, it would support us as teachers if you mark the work with 'PA' (parent assisted).

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