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Budmouth is proud of how smart our students look and it is important they have the correct uniform.
You can purchase the uniform from:

Dorset Embroidery & Printwear Ltd, Unit 4 McKay Close,Lynch Lane, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9DN
Tel: 01305 750292 or order online at: www.dorsetprintwear.com/budmouth

National Schoolwear Centre, 53 Great George Street, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8NN.
Tel: 01305 780700 or order online at: www.dorsetschoolwear.co.uk

To find out more about Budmouth uniform please click here

Students should not bring valuable items into College. If such items are brought onto the site they are the responsibility of the student. Budmouth College can not accept responsibility for loss or damage to them.

We have a limited number of lockers. The charge for a locker is £10 with a £5 refund at the end of schooling, providing the key is returned. There is a £2.50 replacement fee if the key is lost.

Budmouth has the ability to contact you via text if you provide us with your mobile phone number.

Budmail helps to ensure that the communication between Budmouth and home is an effective one. Created in conjunction with parents and allows for a two-way communication, it doesn't allow spamming or advertising.

To join Budmail please click here
(If you have more than one child at the College, you need to register for additional year groups in the member area)

Budmouth provides supervised access to the Internet. In order for your daughter/son to have this access we need your permission. We will also remove this access if it is abused.

Travelling to and from Budmouth could be the first time your child has had to make their own way to College. Where possible, please avoid driving your child to College as the car park area can become heavily congested. There are a number of buses that come directly to Budmouth.

There are a number of bike racks - a strong lock is recommended.

If further information is required about public transport and the criteria for obtaining free bus passes then please contact the Local Dorset Authority on 01305 225164.

Budmouth offers a wide range of food and drinks at both break and lunchtimes. The emphasis is on healthy food with a feel of home baking. If you have any questions concerning free school meals and other dietary requirements then please contact Lucy Vincent on 01305 830581 or email vincentl@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk

To download a request of student absence during term time form please click here (pdf format)

Mrs Mary Wellaway is a link between parents and Budmouth so can help with any concerns over transition, learning, communication or just finding out information for you. She can be seen at Parents' Evenings.

For further information about parent support please click here

As a parent Frog enables you to view your child/childrens attendance, timetable, academic reports, homework set via Frog, letters home and much more.

Please contact the Frog Office at frog@budmouth.dorset.sch.uk if you have not already been given/have forgotten your Parent Frog username and password between 8.30am-4.30pm Monday-Friday.

Login to Frog VLE here

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