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Severe Weather (Ice and Snow) Arrangements

In the event of severe weather our aim is 'business as usual'. Students should be resilient, overcoming inconvenience to be present at College.

If there are no College buses running, but service buses running on normal routes that can be reached without hardship, students should use those buses to get in. It is better to arrive late than never.

The Dorset for You website will show schools/colleges that are open and closed.
Budmouth's website will also flag up any closure.

As we shall usually remain open, the local radio stations 2CR (102.3FM) and Wessex FM (97.2FM) will be asked to mention us only if we are closing. No mention of Budmouth means that we are open. 2CR expect to offer this service immediately after their news bulletins.

If a parent/carer does not have the opportunity to access the website or radio, the telephones in the College will be manned from as early as possible, and parents are asked to ring 01305 830500 for information. Enquirers will be given all possible information about the availability of buses and whether the College is likely to run a normal day.

If the College has been closed because of ice or snow, parents can learn of the decision to re-open by:-

It is obviously possible for ice/snow conditions to worsen during the day making an emergency closure necessary. At this point, both text and Budm@il messages will be sent to parents, and the Budmouth website will flash the information.
Bus and taxi companies will be contacted and best arrangements made for departing students requiring such transport.
If closure happens then the emergency instructions parents gave on the student's contact form will be followed. This means that the student will be dismissed from the College to go home or to a friend's/relatives house or remain at College in our Emergency Centre until collection or dismissal is possible.
Once it is decided to close the College, parents may collect their children at any time.

Should any unforeseen emergency occur necessitating college closure arrangements will be based on the above procedure.

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