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Computing at Budmouth College is truly dynamic, our courses are developed and tailored to meet the academic and career aspirations, of young people, in today’s technological world.
All students at Key Stage 3 will be introduced to Computing and Digital Media with the option to choose a GCSE that will build on initial understanding, skills and knowledge.
Students can elect to study GCSE Computing, GCSE ICT or CIDA at Key Stage 4. We are currently developing a Computer Science programme alongside our existing BTEC programme for those who want to continue their study at Sixth Form.

Key Stage 3
Our new Key Stage 3 programme of study will reflect recent changes to the curriculum in primary schools and also equip students for progression at Key Stage 4. Students will be introduced to Systems, Development Programming, Modelling and Analysis.
Examples of specific skills promoted in years 7 and 9:
  • Understand that computer systems work step-by-step and can only do what we tell them.
  • Be able to plan, create, test and reflect on a solution to a problem that a computer could solve.
  • Be able to plan a sequence of instructions for something that you want to happen.
  • Be able to read a sequence of instructions and predict what the result will be.
  • Use programmes such as SCRATCH to develop interactive games, quizzes and multimedia products.
  • In year 8 some students will be introduced to Python programming using the specifically adapted school Virtual Machine.

Students can choose to study Computer Science, ICT or Digital Media. Depending on your particular interest and skills set you can decide to “specialise” in an area that reflects your interests, academic progression and career aspirations. Students will work on up to 2 controlled assignments and sit an external examination. For CIDA this examination is sat using a virtual computer environment.
Examples of specific skills and understanding promoted in years 9, 10 and 11:
  • Developing specific programming language skills such as Small Basic and Python
  • Developing computer programmes to meet the needs of a specific brief, for example designing a game, developing a computational calculator, developing a system to solve mathematical problems.
  • Designing Multimedia Products to include movies, videos, sound and voice
  • Developing graphic design skills such as creating a newsletter, logo, computer app using vector and bitmap images.

Sixth Form
We currently offer the BTEC National Certificate and Extended Certificate in Information Technology. These qualifications are vocational which means you gain specific knowledge and understanding relevant to your chosen career or higher education pathway. The programme is being developed to offer specialist pathways such as:
  • Computer Science
  • Networking
  • Business Systems
  • Graphic Design
All students will undertake two compulsory Units, thereafter they can study specific units (up to 4) which reflect their particular area of interest.
This programme is currently under development and will offer students the opportunity to specialise in Programming and Computer Science at a Higher Level. Students will develop their programming, computational and analytical skills which can directly relate to future career and/or university options.
Staff Members

  • Mrs P Green - Subject Leader

  • Miss H Longland - Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator
  • Miss S Gallagher
  • Mr M Walker
  • Mr P Scott
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