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Citizenship is about young people and their communities: Budmouth College, Weymouth & Portland (local), the UK (national) and the wider world (global). It's about understanding how to take action to make a positive impact in the community. Citizenship enables young people to develop the skills of researching, debating, considering others' opinions and standing up for issues and beliefs.
PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) informs young people about different topics to allow them to make safe decisions for themselves. 
Key Stage 3
Our Key Stage 3 Students will learn about topics such as how our parliament works, how to lobby our representatives, and understanding world issues.
In Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education topics covered include keeping safe online, sex and relationship education, drugs (including smoking and alcohol) and money issues.
At Key Stage 3, students have one lesson a week of either Citizenship/PSHEE, alternating on a half-termly basis.
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Key Stage 4
In Year 9, students follow a programme of PSHE that is based around a role play game, where students take on the role of an adult, manage their budget, apply for jobs, work on improving qualifications and make lifestyle decisions. Students then apply new knowledge and understanding to their own plans for the future.  During Year 9, students also follow a programme of study for Sex and Relationship Education and First Aid.
In Year 10, students both follow Citizenship and PSHE programmes. During Citizenship modules, students cover Rights and responsibilities - Human Rights, Law making in the UK and also have the option to carry out an action project.  During PSHEE modules, students develop their understanding about Drugs and Alcohol, Options in Pregnancy and Work and Employability.
In Year 11, students will once again follow both Citizenship and PSHEE modules of work. Citizenship includes looking at the wider issues of the UK, Europe and the World and also understanding Democracy and  how we can influence decisions in our communities. In PSHEE, we cover Staying safe and Driver Education, and also leaving home.
At Key Stage 4 our options group take part in a Full Course GCSE, and we follow the AQA examining board.
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