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Resources Centre
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Learning Resources Centre

Our Resources include: over 19,000 books, resource packs, posters and magazines. The Careers Hub is also located in
the Resources Centre, to find out more please click here 
The main categories for the books are:

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Local Collection, Large Print, Quick Reads
Reading Club
Wednesday breaktime in the Resources Centre
(All Year Groups)
Homework Club
Get help with your homework- 3-4pm every Monday
The Hub Library

Most of the fiction books for the lower school are now shelved in the Hub Library which is in the centre of the Avenue.
Year 7 and 8 students have one tutor reading sessions and one reading lesson in the library once a fortnight.
Books can be issued and returned to either the Resources Centre or the Hub Library.
The Resources Centre now holds the adult fiction stock for the upper school and staff, as well as the classic fiction, local collection and all of the non-fiction and reference books.

We have 36 computers for students to use, one scanner and access to a printer/photocopier (2p for A4 sheets and 4p for A3 sheets) which are available for students to use in their free time before and after college, as well as break and lunchtimes. 
Students also have access (through Frog, from any pc in the College) to search the Library catalogue, where they can search for educational resources to support their studies and their own reading for pleasure.

Playing games is only allowed before and after college, not at break and lunchtimes as computers will be needed for students to complete their work.
Opening Times
Monday:        7.30am-5pm
Tuesday:       7.30am-5pm
Wednesday:  7.30am-5pm
Thursday:      7.30am-5pm
Friday:          7.30am-4.30pm

Contact Us

Mrs S Knake
Resources Centre Manager
Tel: 01305 830500

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